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The Newborn Clothing And Item Checklist Expectant Mother Needs

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

You are an expectant couple and you are preparing yourself for your first baby! That is exciting as you are about to embark on a brand new journey as first-time parents. However, you understandably are unsure and anxious about parenting in general. You are ecstatic, yet at the same time, you are nervous.

The best advice that anyone can give brand new expectant parents is to take it one step at a time and tackle each thing as they come.

Right now, you are in the preparation phase as you are nearing the time to deliver your precious bundle. You already know that you need to have the proper baby furniture for the nursery. A brand new crib that meets the current safety standards as well as a mattress, as well as a dresser, and a rocking chair with a pillow.

However, what you may not be clear on is what other items you must have in place before the baby arrives. Let's go over that right now.

Baby in white onesie lying on grey textile (Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels)

Baby Clothing

There is no need to get fifty pieces of newborn clothing. You will find yourself having a surplus and even if you end up having more kids in the future, you won't need so many hand-me-downs.

According to WebMD, all you need are six to eight onesies. They can be a mix of long-sleeved and short-sleeved. You can also get three or four pairs of regular newborn clothing.

The best type of materials of baby clothing is cotton since it is breathable, as well as fleece since it warm.

It is perfect for winter as well as cooler days during other seasons.

Other materials of clothing that are ideal are cotton mixed with polyester to prevent wrinkling. Cotton clothing made with spandex is good too as it helps it stretch so that the baby is kept comfortable.


You also do not need to go and buy too many sleepers.

All you need are six sleepers for the newborn.

The weight of the sleepers will have to do with the time of year your baby is due to be born.

During the summertime, all you need are cotton sleepers. During the in-between and wintertime, you will need heavier cotton sleepers as well as ones made with fleece material.


Babies need blankets, just like adults do. However, newborns need different types of blankets. What they need are three to four swaddling blankets so they are kept feeling secure and safe while they are swaddled in them.

It will remind them of their life in the womb. Infants also need one to two lightweight blankets just in case they were to become cold during the times that you are holding them.

However, do not place the blanket in the crib with the baby. That is a suffocation risk, according to In fact, do not put any items into the crib.

The baby will be kept warm enough while wearing the right type of sleeper for that particular season during the time that he or she was born.

Crib Sheets

You already know that a crib is needed in a nursery for the baby, as well as a perfectly fitting mattress. You also need crib sheets that have a snug fit. As long as the crib sheets fit perfectly over the edges of the mattress, then that is what you want.

Sheets that can easily flip up from the mattress is a hazard for the baby. That is because any part of the sheet that comes away could potentially smother the baby in the crib.

According to NIH, many parents are still using unsafe crib sheet tactics such as not using properly-fitted sheets.

The number of sheets you should have don't need to be more than seven pieces. You can get more if you prefer. You will need to prepare yourself for washing them often. However, you don't need to have a huge surplus that will only take up space.

Diapers And A Diaper Bag

Yes, new parents already know that newborn diapers are a must-have before the baby arrives. You can either choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers. It is all about preference.

However, either way, go grab a box of them before the baby arrives. If you are delivering at the hospital, then chances are you will end up with a few freebie diapers. Be sure to get a box of wipes as well as diaper cream to help cover up any rashes.

You also need a diaper bag for when you are traveling with the baby. A diaper bag comes with a portable change pad as well. You want to get a diaper bag that is large enough to carry the baby accessories, as well as the clothing that you plan to pack away for even a short excursion. Babies are messy and accidents can happen. Oh, and bring extra plastic bags to put the dirty diapers in as well.


Whether you are planning to breast or formula-feed your baby, you need bottles. The bottles must be either made of BPA-free plastic or glass, and must have nipples that are tight-fitting. If you are breastfeeding, be sure to get a breast pump. If you are formula feeding, grab a can of baby formula.

Regardless of how you are feeding your baby, you will want to grab a nursing pillow as well. That is for the comfort of your baby while being fed and your own comfort.

You also don't need burp cloths as old rags or clothing that you do not need can take its place. But when you burp your baby, you will need to have those handy to put on your shoulder.


Your baby will not need a bath every day as a daily bath can dry your baby's skin out. However, it will need to be done 2 times a week.

Make sure that you have a baby tub that is made after 2017, as well as baby shampoo, baby soap, washcloths, and hooded towels.

Grab a thermometer that will check the water temperature as well as you will want to make sure that the baby is bathed in lukewarm water only.


You will need to have a medicine cabinet set for the baby as well before the birth happens. The newborn could be unwell and you will want to have the items to help you care for the baby if it happens. Be sure to grab a rectal or under the arm digital thermometer.

Have nasal saline drops as well as a nasal bulb on hand as well in case your baby gets a stuffy nose. Grab safety nail scissors, bandages, antibacterial and antifungal cream, as well as a cool-mist humidifier. However, if your baby is sick for more than a day, then you need to call the pediatrician or take your infant to urgent care if necessary.

You will also want to grab a baby sling, a portable change pad, pacifiers, a baby swing, a stroller.

And as the baby grows, you will need new items such as larger size baby clothing and sleepers, teething rings, and other toys!

Best of luck with your upcoming parenting journey that you will soon be embarking upon.

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About the author:

A Canadian mom with two kids, she is happy to share her experience on how to prepare for the birth of your baby, especially on clothes, sleepers and relevant items.

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