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Child Summer Picnic Outfit Ideas

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Since summers are here, there is bound to be a lot of activity in this season. This is supposedly the best time of the year for a lot of people. The reason for this is because there is tons of time for both parents and children to calm down for the never ending burden of responsibilities and studies in the case of kids. With school off for a while, there is a lot to do. With fun trips, picnics beaches, parties and trips to the playground for the children, there are lots of activities planned and events to attend. These events are for adults and for kids as well.

The problem that arises in this time is what the children are supposed to wear. This is because children are often very picky and get annoyed very easily, there is also the aspect of keeping them safe from the elements of the nature while making sure that they are comfortable in their skin.

Lastly, it is also the goal of mothers to make sure that their kids are dressed appropriately and they are dressed in such a manner that they are not only protected and safe but also that they look comfortable and chic in their attire.

This might seem like a tough job but there really aren’t a lot of technicalities when it comes to summer clothing, specially clothing that can be worn to picnics. There are just a few basic aspects that must be kept in mind while dressing kids up. These factors will be mentioned further on. Keeping reading to get a glimpse of what styles, fabrics and articles of clothing you can incorporate in your child’s wardrobe.

Things To Keep In Mind For Summer Picnic Clothing:


The first and foremost thing that should always be kept in mind while shopping for a picnic arranged in summers is the fabric of the cloth. The fabric is an essential aspect because if the fabric is thick and coarse then your child might be in agony and it might turn into a cause of irritation.

The best advised material is usually cotton because of how lightweight and easy it is to wear for longer periods of time. Other than cotton, lawn and linen are also good choices as they too are every light and won’t make the children feel hot.


Another crucial aspect to keep n mind is the size of the article of clothing you are buying. If you get something that is one size too small then your child is bound to feel uncomfortable and extra warm. Always make sure that the item of clothing is tried on first to avoid any future disasters.


Durability and the resistance of the cloth is also vital. It is better for parents to get clothes that are durable. Summer season and the vacations are often really long and it is not wise to keep buying clothes after every few weeks. So, keep in mind to get clothes that are durable and that can be worn for longer periods of time without getting worn out.

What to Wear To Summer Picnics?

The next big question is what to wear to these picnics and below is a list of some basic clothes that can be styled to your comfort and pleasure.

1. Shorts

The east and most basic item of clothing for boys and girls both are shorts. Since shorts are unisex you won’t have to worry about what to get for each of your child. These are light, short and allow air passage. These shorts when paired with tshirts can give off a very casual and pleasing look.

2. Tank tops

Next up are tank tops. These are very fun and playful shirts that are usually sleeveless. Tank tops are great for boys since they often spend a lot of their time running around and these sleeveless shirts can be great help. There is no special rule that they should only be worn by boys. Girls can wear them too. But it is advised that if your child is about to be out in the sun for too long, then always remember to lather them up with sunscreen and sun blocks.

These ensure comfort, playful look and are often very cheap.

3. Skirts

Skirts are the best choice for girls when it comes to summer clothing for picnics. The best thing about skirts is that there is a lot of variety for girls to choose from. They can get ones that are down to their thighs, knees, or even their ankles if they want longer funs to frolic around. Skirts can also have flair or even be straight. These skirts make it easier for your child to jump around and play without having to worry about restricting material bounding their legs in place.

They are also specially favored for summers because of the access to cool air the wearer might get. Skirts look beautify and feminine too so it is perfect in the looks department too.

4. Dresses

There is also the option of dresses available for girls. Similar to skirts they dresses are also very aesthetically pleasing to look at and comforting to wear. With dresses, one just simply can’t go wrong. If you are scared of having your child’s legs exposed to sun tans and rashes then you can simply pair these dresses with long, thin socks or stockings.

Dresses are usually preferred when it comes to picnics. This is mainly because of the aura of fun and energy that dresses radiate. These dresses also come in a variety of options and designs. You can have sleeveless ones, strapless ones, one with a belt across the mid rift. There are long dresses that reach the ankles and shorter ones till the calves. Dresses also come in a huge variety of designs such as stripes, floral prints and the ever green polka dots.

There are a lot of things to choose from. Just remember to accessorize and always keep sun block on hand during such picnics and you’re good to go.

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