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9 Kids Room Décor Tips and You Must Do the First One

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Welcoming a child into your life as a brand new part of your family is undoubtedly one of the great joys you can experience. While parents want nothing more than to keep their child as close to them as possible, there comes a time when they should be taught discipline and responsibility, and thus have them graduate into their very own bedroom.

Ideally, your child’s bedroom should be an amalgamation of inspired creativity and tidy organization. Unfortunately, most parents struggle to find the optimum balance between the two and either end up with an almost empty, sober looking bedroom, or an absolute mess of a jungle house filled to the brim.

To help you figure out how you can decorate your child’s bedroom, we have compiled a list of some of the best ideas you can implement. So if you find yourself struggling for ideas, see if you can borrow a few from us!


One of the trickiest parts of building a children’s room is getting the paint color right.

While your initial instinct may be to fill the walls with bright colors, spanning the entire rainbow, you will find that kid friendly color schemes include a variety of calming and soothing shades as opposed to loud colors.

Kids Bedroom Decoration (Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels)

You want the room to make your little one feel relaxed and nurtured. That is why a color scheme consisting majorly of lighter, subtler shades such as a refreshing white or a baby blue are much preferred. That, however, does not mean that you cannot experiment with texture. Look into unique solutions other than paint such as tiles or wallpaper.


Going for a soft color scheme for the bedroom’s paint job does not mean that your child’s fun time is going to be void of color. Fill the room up with furniture and accessories that add pops of color. You can choose a theme to stick by for the accessories or mix and match with random colors that will appear even more prominent and beautiful against a lighter backdrop.


Your baby’s bed will most likely be the most prominent piece of furniture in the bedroom, so why not have some fun and get funky with it?

Adorable Baby Beautiful Bed

You will find yourself spoiled for options when it comes to uniquely styled beds- ranging all the way from traditional bunk beds to cozy floor beds. Make their sleeping arrangement just as fun as the rest of the room to encourage them to take their naps on time.


A great way to ensure that your child not only remains busy, but gets involved in creative activities that facilitate their growth and learning is to build them their very own, personal working space.

Choose a cozy little spot in the room to fit a small desk and equip it with all the little tools and trinkets that your little one will need to get crafting, including a little chair, a desk lamp, and appropriate stationery. This space can be used for creative exploration as well as for homework completion purposes once your child is old enough!


One way to add personality and charm to your kid’s bedroom is by building them a gallery wall. You can fill this wall with paintings and framed drawings or pictures, as well as keep adding the masterpieces your own child makes to the collection.

Ultimately, you will have a gallery featuring loads of color and imagery that is sure to boost your child’s drive towards investing their energy in a more creative outlet. You can choose to stick the pictures up on the wall or use string to create the impression of an actual hanging gallery.


Alternatively, you can also go for a bold, statement wall in other ways, like getting some chalkboard paint and turning one wall of the room into a floor length chalkboard which can be used by the child to learn, draw, and play.


Don’t forget that the most important thing from your child's perspective is playtime. So make sure to give them ample space to play and get creative within their own little world. You can keep the central space empty and line it with a cozy, soft rug which can act as the playing square for the child. You can also choose to spruce it up with items such as a makeshift tent, glow in the dark cushions, and fairy lights so they can truly experience the wonders of letting their imagination run wild.

Girl's bedroom decoration with warm and bright theme
Child's Bedroom Decoration (Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash)


When it comes to the functional and organizational aspect of your child’s bedroom, the goal should be to have as much storage potential as possible without having it consume too much physical space or appearing too obvious. So look for concealed storage options or solutions that fit in with the theme of the bedroom.

For example, you can go for storage crates that fit under the bed or within the shelf. You will also find a lot of furniture options that have built in storage solutions. Keep the closet spaces shallow and spread across a wall. On the other hand, you can go for large cartoon themed or wicker baskets to store toys and other accessories.

Book case in child's bedroom
Adorable Bookcase in Kids Bedroom


If you want to keep things fresh in your child’s bedroom and want more leverage with the decoration, then you can always go for disposable decor items such as removable wall decals and temporary cork adhesions which can be replaced after a period of time with something new. These are cheap alternatives that let you mold the bedroom design and decor based on your child’s evolving interests as well as the latest trends.

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About the Author:

Ben Miller, an expert in professional interior design and home decor which something he is passionate about.

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Thanks so much for Ben's professional experience sharing in kids bedroom interior design. Now, I know the most important and trickiest part is kid friendly color scheme.

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