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Rainy Days Kids Fashion Ideas

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Rainy season is one that is the epitome of playfulness as kids love to get wet in the rain and jump in puddles but this time of the year is one that isn’t very much liked by parents. Adults, usually those who are parents don’t look forward to rainy weather a lot and it isn’t anticipated as much because of the extra precautions they have to take for their little ones.

The truth is even if we loved jumping in puddles and creating a mess when we young, there were a lot of precautionary measures that our parents took in order to let us go wild. All those vivid memories that we have of dancing and enjoying in the rain are now stored in our minds as some of the most beautiful memories.

Hence, it would be completely unfair to our children if we make them stay in house during the rainy season just so they won’t get sick and catch a cold.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing clothing for rainy season and a lot of combinations can be made with various articles of closing in order to get a chic, cute and functional look for your child. For some of these outfits you won’t even have to spend a lot of amount shopping as you can easily find in your child’s closet. Following are some fashion ideas so that worried parents can chill and enjoy too.

1. Rain coats

The first and foremost essential item that you must have in this season is a rain coat. It is the safest article of clothing which will safeguard your toddler’s body from the cold water of the rain and keep him safe and secure. Rain coats come in a lot of colors and sizes so there is a lot from which you can choose. You can go for a classic yellow rain coat which will bring the make the gloomy season bright and colorful.

If you want to go for a more practical approach then you can easily opt for the pastel colored rain coats. Those available in black, camel color, etc are practical and can be worn with all kinds of shoes and outfits so color coordination won’t be an additional hassle.

The easiest way to style an outfit out of raincoats is to pair it with black or any other dull colored leggings. With it you can make your toddler put on a basic tee and put on the rain coat above. There are also various belts and buttons on raincoats for your comfort and ease.

Since these are worn a lot of times and you don’t necessarily buy new ones every time the rain hits, and hence one way to make it less of a practical outfit is by pairing it with different boots and leggings.

2. Shoes

Shoes are the next most important item of an outfit that you must get sorted away before the rainy season looms over you like a monster. We all know how it feels when we get our socks wet; the icky feeling alone is enough to send a shiver down our spine. We certainly don’t want the same for our children so be sure to pick out the safest and most water proof shoes in order to give them a good experience.

There are lots of types of rainy day shoes you can get and rubber ones are the safest option. The trick is to opt for ones that are long enough to cover the knees of your child but mid calves can be fine too. Since there a lot puddles and we know we love jumping in them, but sometimes, like on the way to school we don’t want our toddler to enter with wet and slimy feet. So, rubber boots or plastic gum boots are the best choice.

Some children though find these uncomfortable so you can get waterproof ones as well. It is wise to wear a raincoat with rubber boats for maximum amount of protection from the rain.

3. Scarves

During rainy season, more than often it gets really cold as well. There are two troubles to deal with rather than one. So in order to safeguard yopur child from extra cold and breezes you can easily just incorporate a scarf in their outfits. These scarves can be the best way to add a certain element of sophistication in your child’s outfit. Other than that, if the rain coat and rain boots are of neutral shades then a colorful scarf around the neck can make the outfit a little more fun.

The trick is to incorporate all of the above mentioned three articles in your child’s wardrobe and you will have the safest rain proof outfit ready.

4. Cardigans

The raincoats are a great choice but sometimes children get too annoyed and don’t like wearing them. These cardigans are a good alternative for your finicky child. Some children are also very restless and don’t like wearing hard and uncomfortable layers. The rain dampens enough things and this might dampen their spirits too.

For cardigans there are less chances of staying completely safe from the water but you can still have your child covered. With a short shirt underneath just drape a buttoned up or even open cardigan and you can the most effortless and carefree outfit. There will still be two layers, thin ones, so you child can stay covered.

5. Gloves

Children don’t really get to wear gloves very often and this is the best time to take those gloves out of the closet and help your child put them on. This can be an adventurous addition to their outfit and you can trick them into covering up as well.

There are rubber gloves as well if you want to make a complete outfit out of the rainy day clothes. These clothes when fashioned up can make your child look funky and you will also be completing your challenge of dressing your kid up in safe and practical clothes.

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