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Getting our girls ready for Spring/Summer

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Dressing up girls has never been easy. As our little princesses grow, they develop minds and opinions of their own. They want to look on point (whatever that means). They want to look trendy. They want to turn heads when they walk into a room. And of course all this needs to happen on a shoestring budget. (To be honest in the post Covid-19 world, even having a shoe string will be a luxury.)

Shunning aside the needs of girls to be fashionable, stylish and uber trendy is not a good idea (no matter how strong the temptation). While growing up the sense of self is largely defined by how we look to the outside world.

Photo Source: Kseniya Mazaeva, Pexels

As parents we want to nurture our girls into confident and self assured women. Part of this comes from helping them dress in a modern and on-trend way.

The generation gap between us as parents and our children is expanding at an exponential speed. Our children speak in hashtags and emojis while we still tend to prefer the language of grammar and punctuation.

To make sure we are talking the same language as our girls, here is a look at the top trends for Spring-Summer. Most of these are easily translatable into clothing choices for girls.

Yay for neon

Bright colors are back. Neons are big. The fluorescent yellows, the electric blues, the fiery pinks have all made their way back for Spring-Summer. Almost as a reaction to the grey mood that descended over the globe under Covid-19, we are now seeing a resurgence of neons and bold hues.

Yellow is coming out strong as the color of the season. We aren’t talking about a pale pretty yellow but rather a bold and bright yellow which is in-your-face. Shades of orange are also being seen in collections by various designers while a bold magenta has come to the forefront as the new pink.

A few collections have also featured an electric blue shade running through their pretty frocks. If your girl suddenly wants to venture out in a pair of almost blinding yellow pants, by all means encourage her to do so.

Bring on the angles

Abstract geometry was big in 2019. We saw triangular prints on trousers, circles on skirts, and a huge variety of polygons popping out everywhere and anywhere. The popularity of geometric prints made fashion all the more exciting in 2019.

Suddenly girls fashion was becoming as edgier and cutting-edge as the runways in Milan and Paris. We have good news for those who enjoyed the promulgation of geometry last year. It’s back! It’s bigger. It’s everywhere.

Asymmetrically designed tunics have also re-emerged with triangular shaped shirts being paired with square-cut pants.

Smell the flowers

We almost always fall back into cliches when it comes to girls fashion. Girls dresses should be pink and ideally have pretty flowers on them. While we are moving away from the usual in Spring-Summer, you will still see a smattering of pretty tulips, bright sunflowers and tall daffodils in the prints that make it big this year.

Pretty in Pink is a mantra that girls fashion seems to come back to in one way or the other every year. This year too you are bound to see floral skirts, a floral motif on button-down shirt and big voluminous floral dresses in each collection. Whimsical with an edge is how I would define fashion in the upcoming months.

Block It Up

Colour-blocking has been on trend for a while. This year with eclectic fashion and the bold and beautiful philosophy returning with a bang, colour blocking is making a massive comeback.

Think of pairing parrot green pants with a bright yellow shirt and a pop of pink in the form of a scarf. Go for it! Colour blocking with a hint of quirkiness is just what you need to be donning for this Spring/Summer.

Summer Must Haves

The classic summer haves continue to be essentials. A button down crisp white shirt. Cotton pants. Short sleeved T’s. A floral skirt to be paired with almost any camisole. Sandals. But wardrobe staples have evolved just like patterns and designs have transformed. Add to the essential Summer buys a couple of jump suits, jogging pants, asymmetrical tops and of course a neon piece of clothing.

Accessorising is the name of the game in summers, let your girls go wild. Multiple beaded hippie-style necklaces, danglers, funky sunglasses, hats and hair pieces are all welcomed. A 60’s style white blouse with soft voluminous sleeves and a sweet neckline is definitely one essential you will be seeing in the summer.


Eyewear has always been a summer essential. There was a time when big brands owned the eyewear industry. Gucci. Prada. Fendi are all what you would see in the summer sunglasses market. But now the playing field has changed completely.

The focus has shifted from wearing expensive eye wear to making statements. Drama is the name of the game when it comes to choosing sun glasses for your girls. Go all out! Maybe a cat-eyed studded frame is what strikes your fancy. Pick it up. Maybe a neon pink square-shaped frame is attracting you. Opt for it. Maybe you were thinking that the feather adorned sunglasses you saw in a magazine was too much?

I have news for you. Nothing is too much for your girls this summer. Let them express their creativity through choosing the wildest and craziest frames this summer.

The summer times have always been an exciting time to dress up and watch your girls experiment with trends and styles. This year street style is gearing up to become even more exciting and cutting-edge.

As the world recovers from a global endemic and individuals get back on their feet, Spring/ Summer promises to deliver a welcome relief from grim news. Experimentation with patterns. Bold colours. Revisiting classics with a twist are just some of the exciting trends you can expect coming up soon.

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