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Dos and Don’ts in Selecting Child Beach Wear

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Summers are the best time of every grown up and child’s life because of the various elements of fun and play that it brings with itself. There are many things for people to decide as summer approaches and these decisions can surely make or break your summer vacations.

The list of decision ranges from where to go, what to eat, etc. but the one question that arises first and foremost in every one’s mind is the attire. Since it is a season of comfort and fun, the clothes should also match the weather.

Clothing is an essential aspect that should always be kept in mind. You wouldn’t dream of going out in winter in shorts, right? So why would you want to make clothing errors which can be harmful in the long run.

Adults are wiser and can choose their apparel in such a way that it brings them comfort, helps them look chic while also be safe for the weather. The same decision should be made for children by the adults in such a season. Even though summers are equivalent to fun and energy, they can prove to be quite troublesome if certain mistakes are made.

The first place though that jumps to every persons mind is the beach. It is the biggest attraction in summers and everyone should dress accordingly. Children, specially, are much more vulnerable to getting skin rashes, burning tans and other such issues.

So, in order to keep your children safe while also providing them optimum level of comfort and give them a fashionable look, keep the following dos and don’ts in your mind:

Do pick the right size

Size is of great importance when it comes to clothes. Beach is all about moving around and playing all sorts of games. This requires a lot of movement and thus, correct size of clothes should be worn by children. You don’t want to ruin your child’s day by stuffing them into clothes that are too tight for them. This will not only cause discomfort but will also be a hindrance for them in trying to have fun.

So, always remember to pick out the right size, be it for swimsuits, shorts or even summer frocks and dresses.

Don’t overdo it

Another important thing to remember is very easy and common but is often overlooked by worried and anxious parents. You don’t want to dress up your kids in too many layers.

Summer is for fun and comfort, which means it’s time to bring out the sleeveless dresses and the tank tops. In order to help them avoid sun burns many other things can be applied to exposed skin.

Even if you are not a fan of exposing too much skin to the sun rays, just make sure that you don’t overdo the clothes and don’t layer up the kid too much. This can prove to be quite suffocating.

Do bring a change of clothes

Kids often tend to go through certain mishaps that can be very difficult to predict beforehand. So, just to be safe, always take a change of clothes along with you. This means an extra pair of shorts and shirts, even underwear. This way you can avoid any future mishap and save the day.

There also needs to be a change of clothing for the children from when they come out of the water and need dry clothes. These dry clothes can be worn while eating or on your back home.

Don’t miss out on the UV help

This is a very helpful measure all parents should take when they are taking their children who are toddlers and younger to beach. There are lots of clothes in the market right now that have UV help build in them to protect your child from harmful sun rays.

These clothes are lightweight so they won’t be suffocating and your child will not feel hot but they are also made up of material that helps in keeping your child from getting rashes and burns from the heat.

Do remember to keep footwear

This might not be every child’s first priority and wearing footwear can prove to be annoying for them but it is necessary to ensure that they have something on their feet. This can be beach shoes, flip flops, open toed sandals, or even jelly shoes.

The reason why having footwear is important is because here are a lot of shells and other prickly objects on the beach that can hurt your child’s feet. It’s better to be safe than sorry so always keep footwear in mind when shopping for beach wardrobe.

Don’t forget the accessories

This is one of the most fun and playful part of beaching attire. These accessories include sunglasses, hats, caps, etc that can be worn. These will not only give your child a playful and chic look but will also help in safeguarding them from the extra harsh rays of sunlight.

There are many kinds of hats to choose from, you can always go with a wide brimmed one which is the safest option and gives the most amount of concealment. You can also opt for caps if you make sure that there is a flap on the back to cover their heads and their necks as well.

Do bring clothes to cover up

Even though we don’t want our children to wear lots of layers, we still don’t want them to catch a cold. So, in order to stay safe, always remember to bring along with you long sleeved shirts, and leggings for when your child finally comes out of the water and wants to get into something warm and cozy.

Don’t forget nappies

If you are going to the beach with children who aren’t potty trained yet then you need to make sure that you have portable toilet and nappies with you in case they need to go number two. Always bring more nappies than you think you might need and be ready to give your child the ultimate comfort.

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