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Beginners Guide on Child’s Clothing

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As parents, everyone wants to make sure that their kids not only look their best but that their clothes are comfortable as well. In today’s world of appearances, it is not just an advantage but a necessity to look and feel your best. That applies to your children as well, with the added responsibility of their comfort and health.

Children’s clothing is of profound importance to their health and well being. The children of today are exposed to a world where fashion and style play big roles. Every child wants to be a part of his/her peer group. Here the child’s clothing and apparel are an important part of their overall sense of belonging. Your child needs to be unique and yet a part of his circle of friends.

Types of Children’s Clothes

Children’s clothes range from night clothing to casual everyday wear. What is important at all times is that the clothes a child wears is not detrimental to the child’s health in any way. Children’s clothing cover a wide range and every parent’s choice is specific to the child’s needs and wants.

Clothes are made from wide variety of materials that are blended and changed to provide easy usage. It is important for every parent to ensure that the clothes that the child is wearing would not cause any discomfort or long term health disorders of any kind.

Children’s clothing include accessories, inner clothing, night wear, play clothes, costumes, formal wear…the list goes on. Any parent should opt for natural fabrics like cotton and wool for everyday wear. Artificial fabrics can sometimes cause skin irritation and other disorders. For everyday use including night clothing and play time apparel, natural fabrics for children’s clothing is the most comfortable and safest way of ensuring that your child is comfortable and healthy.

Occasions and Events

Attractive children’s clothing for occasions and special activities is a must for any child. Bright and lively colors bring out the best in a child. Animated characters on clothes and accessories make dressing up fun for children. Smart suits for boys and pretty dresses for girls are every parent’s first choice.

Children love to imitate adult clothing and what’s more they look much better than adults do! Imagine your six year old daughter in a short skirt with leggings and boots with pink glares. She is a complete knockout. Or your ten year old son with loose jeans, a sports jacket and red and white sports shoes. A complete heart breaker, isn’t he?

Buy Online

Online retailers offer a full range of children’s clothing for any occasion, be it for a good nights sleep or a Christmas party. Online retailers clothing are attractive and designed for comfort and style. Online retailers provide children’s clothing for any kind of weather. They are meant to protect your child while letting them have their freedom.

You can have your pick of all weather clothing to designer wear for those special times. Online retailers specialize in blending comfort with convenience. Every piece of clothing is designed keeping in mind the importance of your child’s health and appearance. You can make your piece more unique by ordering a specific design or you can have your child’s name embroidered on.

Kids Clothes Shopping Guides

It is lovely to see well dressed children particularly small children who can look cute and fashionable at the same time. Babies have no say in what we dress them up in so we can be as flamboyant or simplistic as we like!

Specialist shops are in abundance nowadays with prices ranging from sensible to the ridiculous. A small child has no concept of wearing designer clothes only the parent. Whether the clothes be cheap and cheerful or expensive and chic, babies and toddlers will still make a mess while eating, crawling and generally doing things small children do!

No matter how much or how little you spend, clothes still need to be practical. For anyone who has had the pleasure of dressing a wriggling baby or toddler, the buttons and zips definitely need to be in the right places. Time is limited when dressing or undressing your child so fiddly buttons and badly positioned zips and ties are a definite no no!

Easy access via poppers especially in baby’s trousers is an excellent invention. Just think how much time it takes to put kicking legs into a pair of trousers!

Shopping Tips for different stages

Babies grow at an incredible rate so one doesn’t have to worry much about clothes being worn out, they tend to be outgrown and still in beautiful condition. This is great if you are possibly going to have more children or have someone with a smaller baby to pass clothes on to. Definitely a money saver if you are on the receiving end of another parents generosity.

Toddlers are wonderful little people who you can still dress to look cute – until they suddenly start to become independent and pick their own clothes. When they are at this stage you can forget looking stylish and fashionable, toddlers tend not to have any colour co-ordination or dress sense – be warned!

Early school years can be really simple, as most of the time the child will spend wearing a school uniform. Clothing your child is easier though it can be expensive depending on where you buy the uniform. Most of us buy at least a size bigger blazer or trousers so that the child ‘can grow into them’, this can cause embarrassment to our children. Be diplomatic and not too enthusiastic about your child’s growing abilities.

The wonderful teenage years! – A clothing nightmare. Just when you thought that purchasing a school uniform was simple you find out to the contrary. Your teenager suddenly must have designer named shoes, trainers, trousers – whatever they wear has to have the latest logo emblazoned on the front or back. Buying labels and sewing them on won’t work, teenagers may be difficult but they are not easily fooled.

Summing up…

At the end of the day, buy what you can afford, make sure the clothes are reasonable hard wearing and put together properly.

Dressing smaller children should be practical, it seems silly putting a pretty dress on a crawling baby as they will probably come to a stand still if they keep putting their knees onto the dress! As to dressing teenagers, well that is another matter, birthdays and Christmas come in handy for purchasing expensive clothes or trainers as presents, this can often be a good compromise.

Trends chop and change like the wind for teenagers so while your child is small enjoy dressing them up in colourful tasteful clothes that you have chosen, they at least won’t worry about losing their street cred!

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