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8 Rules in Toddler’s Summer Fashion

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As summer approaches, it brings with it an endless supply of fun and playful moment for the kids. It is the perfect time for toddlers and kids to go out and enjoy after the dreadful days of staying inside for winters for a huge chunk of time. It is the time to relish in the sunlight and revel as the warm breeze passes through. This season may be a beloved one for various people, but it can sometimes get quite torturous if the heat gets out of control.

So, to make the most out of this season, there are also a lot of aspects that should be kept in mind in order to truly enjoy summers in a way that they are supposed to.

The main thing associated with tips on how to successfully manage through this season is clothes. There are many changes that one might have to make in order to make the wardrobe summer friendly for children.

Another important thing is that this is also supposed to be done while keeping an essence fashion present. So, without further ado, we shall progress into various tips for summer friendly wardrobe, be it indoor events or outdoors.

1. Say No to Layers

The first and foremost that habit parents need to chuck out the window is of layering up kids in clothes. The best thing about summers is that that you can utilize the motto of “The less, the better.”

Boys can wear shirts with shorts and for girls, knees length, flair summer dresses would be a great choice. With these choices, you can choose not to layer up the kids and give them more space to move and play around without feeling too hot or too constricted.

2. Choose Fabric Wisely

Next up, it is very crucial to keep in consideration the fabric that your toddler’s clothes are made up of. It is typically suggested to opt for lightweight cotton clothes as cotton is the lightest material and is hence, perfect for summer season.

One trick to buying cotton clothes for children is to also make sure that they are tightly knit. This way you can choose to keep as many sun rays away from the body depending on how tightly knit the piece of cloth is. To check, one can simply take up the piece of clothing and hold it in front of sunlight. The lesser the rays pass through it, the better.

3. Color Scheme

Color scheme might not seem very relevant, but colors can make a lot of effect to how your clothes feel. It is noted that clothes with ark colors such as black and brown can make one feel hotter. It is advised to go for light colored clothes such as blue, yellow, etc.

4. Indoor dressing

In summers, it is especially hotter indoors if your child is not constantly in an air conditioned room.

So, for indoor based events or everyday usage, children should be dressed up in lighter clothes as well. This means girls can wear light frocks and boys can wear tees and shorts. Other than that, boys can also wear tank tops and girls as well since it is a unisex item of clothing. Wearing tank tops indoors shouldn’t be problem since there is no harsh sunlight to cause excessive tanning and there won’t be any need to lather up the children with sunscreen.

5. Pool/Beach Rules

The same rules that you would apply for indoor dressing won’t be applicable to pool or beach days. Since on these days, the exposure to the sun rays is a lot, it is advised to dress the kids up in light clothes but before that, sunscreen should be applied to arms, neck and legs in order to avoid any sunburnt skin.

Also, in order to keep it fashionable, one can incorporate hats and sunglasses in a child’s wardrobe to give it a chicer look. These hats and sunglasses wont just look pretty but will also help in shielding your little one’s eyes and head from straight sunlight contact.

6. Protection Clothes

If you are still not sure whether the clothes you choose for your child are helpful in keeping them safe, it is easier to just for clothes that has sun protection called UPF.

There are various UPF options available, and a piece of clothing that is rated UPF 10 will only allow 1/10th of the sun rays to pass through the clothes.

Similarly, a clothing garment rated UPF 50 will prevent 98% of the sun rays from penetrating through the clothes.

There are also other ways to incorporate sun protection in clothes.

Another way would be to opt for sun blocking clothes detergent that has sunscreen elements incorporated in it.

A relatively new rating designation for sun protective textiles and cothing is UPF, which represents the ratio of sunburn-causing UV (UVA/UVB ray) measured without and with the protection of the fabric.

For example, a fabric rated UPF 30 means that, if 30 units of UV fall on the fabric, only 1 unit will pass through to the skin.

7. Accessorize

Fashion can be incorporated into clothes through various different ways and other then clothes the one thing that can bring your entire outfit to completion is by accessorizing. In summers accessories can be utilized in such ways that you can save your kids form the heat while also giving them beautiful looks. For instant, sunglasses, hats, caps, head scarves, etc. can be the perfect way to make your kids stand out in a crowd.

8. Foot wear

Other than clothes, footwear is also very important. One should try and not make kids wear closed shoes in this weather as it can get quite hot and sticky. Crocs can be worn by kids or other open toes shoes like sandals. These sandals are unisex as well and can be worn by both girls and boys. This way you child will always have room to breathe from head to toe.

Styling outfits for kids and toddlers can be very fun and one should always opt for a carefree and breathable look. Since toddlers tend to get finicky really quick in summers, it is best to go for styles that don’t require a lot of effort. This way you won’t have to wrestle with your kids in making them put on clothes and they won’t have to feel suffocated.

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